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Where a congenial and trilateral approach to Holistic treatment for Mental Health concerns is at your fingertips. The one stop cure  location you have always dreamed of.



Our Mission

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Happy Dale Online Sanitarium.  There are many forms of physical and of mental illness. Obviously normal human variation can't possibly include mental disorder. Mental disorder is for freaks who should be locked up. Much as you might dislike being labeled, mental illness has the same kind of incidence as physical illness. Wouldn't it be weird if someone had never ever been physically ill? That is our tried and true approach to mental illness.

We believe that the door to sanity is always open and so are the doors to our sanitarium. Our mission is to be fully devoted to your healing  by opening our arms to those in search of the true meaning of sanity.  A complete and holistic approach to mental health is literally at your fingertips.  By following a straight and true path through the inner workings of your mind you will come to know yourself and gain a better understanding of relating with your fellow man. 

​​​Our Partners

Get healed online here at Happy Dale.  What better way to get healed?​  If we can't heal you, perhaps our affiliates can!


A wide spectrum of therapy is offered here. Check out our Bulletin Board.

We all love you!

Our dedicated staff offers a full spectrum of Sessions, Seminars  and Services.

As a professional licensed staff, we take this opportunity to introduce you to our methods. Our holistic approach to mental health ensures you that you will be treated in totality. The human condition is complex, encompassing  mind, body and soul; all require attention. A disproportunate amount of emphasis is directed towards the mind by most psychological institutions.  We believe in treating the whole person, not just some remote  piece of the brain.   We are in here with you, the only real difference is we have our own cafeteria and we go home at night.

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We're all in this together and we are ready to listen to you

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Do you have meaningful
conversations with your spouse, family, neighbors, or pets?

​Transpired Events

Do you despise the voices in your head, especially the one that  pretends you don't exist,  or do you just like to play along with his little illusion?


Relief a click away

Do you have a predominating fear of dark places, deep stairwells, long lines, or fabric softener?​ 


Enjoy your stay!

Important notice: If you are only visiting, click here for a visitor name tag so you are not confused with an inmate and don't get locked in.

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